Disadvantages Of Teaching Vocabulary

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Vocabulary teaching Vocabulary or lexis can be more effective than grammar sometimes. People can communicate without rules, only uses words like ‘coffee?’ or ‘Christmas. Snow. go visit family.’(Scrivener J. 2005) Teaching vocabulary skills is not something that teacher can do alone. Students or learners should be eager and persistent. They also should be aware of the importance of the vocabulary in terms of learning the target language. Likewise, teachers should be aware of the level and capacity of the students, and the target size of the vocabulary hat should be given to them. Before teaching vocabulary teachers should be working on clarifying the distinction between productive and receptive lexis(Scrivener, 2005). Young learners…show more content…
This shows and proves the importance of teaching vocabulary in early stages. Well it is obvious that this range of vocabulary should be taught but how? There are many successful strategies like using denotative-connotative meanings, synonyms-antonyms, and activities, include student discussions, role plays, jeopardy games, flash cards, comic strips, acrostic poems, and a plethora of other writing assignments (Larson L. 2013). Another strategy that most teachers use is recommending learners not to use translation dictionaries but to use dictionaries that have explanations in target language (e.g. English-English dictionary). This might work with upper levels but must be careful using it with beginner learners since they might not understand. The vocabulary should be reminded to learners constantly because it takes 7-8 weeks to be permanently stored. Therefore, pre-teaching methods are as important as they are in other skill teachings. In pre-teaching introducing new words is also acceptable whilst helping learners to recall previous items (Scrivener,…show more content…
And further argument occurs about introducing the phonetic chart during teaching. After deciding those teachers themselves feel uncertain about their pronunciation. It is important to be self-confident. If teachers take risk, they will be surprised to find the classroom activities and classroom works very enjoyable (Scrivener 2005). With all this conflicts we’re still searching for ways to teach pronunciation. Many researchers suggest to use dialogues during pronunciation, and not just reading them, giving students time to think how to say the words in the context. Another way is called shadow reading. In this activity learner reads along with a competent reader (Scrivener, 2005). Using and saying the word in the context (in its natural place) and letting the learners to repeat is a useful way as well. But the teacher should give honest feedbacks to the students, for it would be dangerously fossilized in learner’s minds. In the pronunciation teaching voice setting plays an important role. Different accents require different voice and stress. For that reason hearing a native speaker would help the learners to acquire the pronunciation key points. Not necessarily a native speaker should be in the class, listening a record or watching a video of a native speaker using the language would

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