Disadvantages Of Teamwork

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Teamwork: Teamwork in a company is vital for the success of a company. Financial incentives like bonuses can inhibit teamwork since under such schemes, individuals may be rewarded rather than teams. For example, several firms give bonus on bases of the amount of work performed by the individual (Roland, 2003). This means that employees would eventually learn to hoard work than to share it for the welfare of the organisation and in this way, the overall productivity of the company may be affected. Burn-out of employees: Another disadvantage associated with the financial reward system is that it may lead to physical and moral burnout where the employees may work extra hours to earn the money and may eventually be frustrated by the monotony of the work situation. The above discussion shows that money and hence intrinsic reward may serve as a motivator to certain extent, but eventually it would lead to a saturation point where the dissatisfied employees would continue to leave the organisation. This would in-turn increase the turnover for a company and in this process the organisation may lose their valuable human resource. In a study conducted by Harvard business review, attempts were made to demonstrate association between job satisfaction and salary. The correlation between the pay and pay satisfaction was merely marginally higher indicating that the satisfaction of employees is independent of their salary. These results reveal that other factors are also to be

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