Disadvantages Of Technology Essay

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We have learned from this life that everything found on earth has both, its cons and pros, simultaneously. Thus, we cannot deny the fact that technology, especially social media, such as Facebook, whatsapp and twitter has also an impact on human life. However, the trick remains in the ability to know how to get benefited from technology because without it we cannot keep pace with the improvement and we will never be up to date. But is that the case in our society? Are people aware of the disadvantages of technology? Are people using technology just to serve them in a better way and improve their social life specially their marriage? Long time ago, marriage depended on traditions, but today it is totally different. We have been through the worst stage of marriage for many years in which its level decreased. However, with the emergence of computers in human life, the level of marriage increased promptly with the level of divorce. At this point, the appearance of social media in human life has both: first cons such as serving as a shelter for an couples who have issues where they can find relief by communicating with someone else that in return will lead to cheating and divorce; and second pros such as meeting someone, keeping in touch with each other, increasing the level of intimacy and the level of knowledge. Further, Katherine M. Hertlein and Katrina Ancheta in their article, "Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Relationships: Findings from an Open-Ended
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