Disadvantages Of Technology

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Meaning of technology is activities or studies that use of scientific knowledge for practical purpose in industry , agriculture , business , medicine , and applied sciences .Many of the people in Malaysian spend their times by using these technology such as telephone , computer , the machinery , and also the others gadgets . All the people show that they take out about the technological developments to know the current news in this country . This pros have effected to the creativity and the communication with others. I also make some research to know more about the technology. As the result , in this modern life , all the people use the facilities of the technology in their life . The benefits of the technology has helped many people in running their business for increase their production. The use of the various types of machine and equipment have been successfully increase the production and reduce the use the labor. For examples the use of the machinery in food preparation and manufacturing cars . This uses has reduce the probability of damage in a product. This way helps the company become famous because of their different of the creativity. It make the people interest towards the things that are totally different from the rest . It will attract the attention of the customers .Indeed, technology have taught they to become a creative person.
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