Disadvantages Of Technology In Education Essay

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Some people said that the technology may cause many problems in the education fields for many reasons. As it was stated in occupytheory.org and other websites under the title of “Disadvantages of technology in education” Laziness in Studying Computers are done to make things easier on human so it may cause laziness on some students since they could find what they want by a click without researches. Forgetting the Basic Way of Studying Some people claims that student would not be using books anymore and they will forgot about how to study and do home works on organize their work. Discovering Unusual Things in the Computer Students are going to be using internet without monitoring them so they might discover many things that are wrong and may cause badly on them is the…show more content…
Those who have been teaching all their lives using traditional methods may not be very susceptible to the changes being applied. They may even see it as a threat to their job security and shun technology altogether. In fact, a majority of teachers believe that constant use of digital technology is affecting a student’s attention span and his ability to persevere when a challenging task is thrown his way. Although such belief is subjective, scholars, experts and teachers all agree that technology has changed the way students learn. Solutions for the disadvantages According of my researches and interviews with schools principals and teachers I get solution for the most of the disadvantages in using technology in education. Solution of Laziness in Studying and Forgetting the Basic Way of Studying Teachers could ask students to bring data from books and magazines or ask the students to read and come out in a solution for a topic. in this way the student is forced to read many articles to find the solutions Solution of Discovering Unusual Things in the

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