Disadvantages Of Technology In Marketing

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As a glance of an eye, new innovated technological gadgets are invented and place on the market for sale. There has been a significant improvement in the field of technology and science over the past decades. Technology has become a part of our lives; people use technology for almost any activity executed throughout the day. It is also a powerful mean of communication since we can connect with someone situated nearby or as far as on the other side of the world. Evidently, technology has shaped our lives in many ways. In the present people can 't visualize their life without technology because it has made our life easier in many aspects. Technology is employed across all educational fields and it utilize for numerous purposes. Therefore, this research attempts to further examine the most eminent benefits this improvement offers and several of its disadvantages. In essence, using technology is about perpetuating equilibrium.
The evolution of modern technology has impacted the entire world considerably creating positive effects. Palpably technology has been greatly beneficial for the marketing sector. An important concept in marketing is the product life cycle. It is when a new product progresses through a sequence of stages. The cycle comprises of four different stages, starting with the introductory stage which is consider the most expensive and
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Lenski said that human societies undergo processes of change and those changes are characterized by dominants patterns and one of the most significant components of sociocultural evolution is a society level of technology. If you don’t have a lot of technology you don’t have any reason to evolve to a newer or different or better sociocultural place. Gerhard Lenski placed society into 5 categories. Belize has progress to Industrialism since; we have started to use heavy machinery for the production of
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