Disadvantages Of Technology In Modern Life

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Undoubtedly, technology plays an important role in the entire life. It has changed the world totally. Technology has created revolution in all aspects of human being life. It has invaded all activities of human like food, drink, clothing and industry. Many industries have been established in the 21st century due to the advanced technology. Scholars think that technology has helped the humanity in many ways. It has created many medications for diseases as well as changing human life to the best. Others think that the advanced technology has created many problems in the world. It has also endangered the humanity and international peace through creating weapons, bombs and other destructive machines. Thee weapon have already destroyed many counties around the world. This paper tries to point out this issue in order to allow people know more facts about the advantages and disadvantages of technology in the modern life. It is worthy noted that many scientists…show more content…
For instance, gases and pollutants come from factories and industries have caused many problem in the atmosphere. They have caused global warming and black hole in the universe. These phenomena could change the nature of the planet. They have changed the climate on the planet and caused problems. In fact, scientists have found that factory smoke and cars’ gases play an important role in making the black hole in the universe as well as making black clouds in the universe. These black clouds can cause many health problem for humans when it falls down from the sky as rains. Socially, many people use technology tools like mobiles and internet. They spend much time exploring these tools without talking their parents or friends. Therefore, technology has also social disadvantages. (Rheinhold,
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