Disadvantages Of Technology

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Children are being exposed to technology today more than they are being exposed 50 years ago. Children were only watching television, before computers and internet arrive, but now children are exposed to technological devices more than before because they have unlimited access to their computers and their smartphones. Easy access to these devices for the children brings risks and disadvantages such as laziness, absent of physical activities, social and psychological problems, biological problems and focusing problems. Children should be followed more closely to prevent the disadvantages of technology. Laziness is one of the major disadvantages of improving technology because laziness causes many problems for the kids such as obesity. Hampton says that laziness create obesity for the children she exemplifies this statement with the statistics from the United States Disease Control and Prevention center, by saying: “The Center for U.S. Disease Control and Prevention reported that approximately 10 percent of preschool kids, and 15 percent of children ages 6–17, are considered obese, with many others close to becoming overweight.”(Hampton) What is the connection of laziness and technology than? Technology is at the center of this problem because it is the reason for this laziness. Children stops spending time with other activities such as doing sports. Hampton suggests that children should take at least one hour of their computer time for their psychical activities and
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