Disadvantages Of Technology Research Paper

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The development of technology has dramatically reshaped the society we live in. An enormous multitude of people worldwide employ and benefit from the modern-day technology, and of course, the unlimited opportunities it presents play a considerable role in virtually all spheres of human life. Technological innovations has really simplified the access to a good number of vital utilities people need in schooling, industry, health sector, communication, transportation, and many more. However, immoderate usage of technology has its downsides, too. Despite the fact that in many instances, the speed of completing tasks increases with the help of technology, most people never notice that technology has changed (and is still changing) our society for…show more content…
The excessive usage of electronic gadgets is dwindling people’s memory. Needless to say, the significant development of technology maintains its beneficial impacts on education -- classes are now more dynamic between teachers and students with technology. Students can now connect with their teachers and learn all the necessary information through the Internet. However, students of the new generations apparently have a number of notable issues either with writing complete sentences or spelling words correctly due to the frequent usage of text messaging. Students are also better at remembering where to search for information rather than remembering the information in itself. Besides memory/retention problems, the incessant usage of technology triggers malignant disease conditions as well. Health conditions attributable to modern technology have developed into a significant predicament, especially among teens. Our youngsters pay a high price for relying on social networks, computer video games, and TV, particularly when it comes to sleep. The Internet has now become the air to breath and water to drink for kids and youths. This abnormal dependence appears to be the cause of several major health problems like sleep deprivation, eyesight problems, obesity, cancer,
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