Pros And Cons Of Healthy Adolescents

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Provide your adolescent patients with confidential, private, respectful and culturally competent services, convenient office hours, and complete information. Learn more about the elements of a youth-friendly contraceptive and reproductive health services clinic.(Santelli JS, Lindberg LD, Finer LB, Singh S.)
•Learn more about the tools and resources for serving teens, as well as detailed sexually transmitted diseases (STD) guidance and pregnancy
•Follow professional guidelines that recommend all teens have their first reproductive health visit between ages 11 and 15 years, with regular reproductive health visits throughout the adolescent years. Some discussions, such as sexual history taking and counseling, may best be had privately between the teen and the provider. Other times during the visit it may be important to include the teen’s parents or guardians. Learn more about adolescent reproductive health care—including talking with teen patients and their parents or guardians. I personally think Recognizing that healthy adolescents may safely Make decision of their health .as health promotion nurses we must educate teens who are having sex about all methods of contraceptio
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•Counsel sexually active teens on the importance of always using dual methods—such as an IUD or hormonal method, and a condom—to prevent pregnancy, and STDs including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
•Take the time to help sexually active teen patients make an informed decision about what contraceptive method would suit them best. Counsel them on the importance of and how to use their contraception correctly and consistently Adolescent nursing in
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