Disadvantages Of Television Essay

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Television has become one of the most common part of our daily life. Imagine that there is no more television set inside the bedroom or the living room, what will be there? Roald Dahl would say install a bookcase but most people will not do that. Ever since television was invented, the life has been transformed by television thoroughly ever since it was invented and most people would say that we could not live without television for three reasons: Television provides entertainment and relaxation to people. Also, television provides business opportunities towards the public as an important advertising channel. On a higher ground, it could also be used as propaganda from the government to publicize necessary information and news. However, the validity of the…show more content…
However, time will prove that we cannot live without television even with internet and computers, just like television cannot replace the radio and newspapers. Television brings entertainments to the public, convenient advertisement to the business and propaganda to the governments. Television is a very useful tool for many people to use for their own good and benefit from it. However, very limited of the benefits come from watching television itself. Maybe one day that television will be used much less than it is now, people will still switch on the television and talk about the shows displaying inside the box and laugh at it. Even that we cannot avoid the harm brought by the television, we still can embrace the benefits brought by it. No matter when, we can never live without television in the reality, especially for the sake of business and politics. Businessman will not let go this effective tool of advertisement and politicians will not let go this brainwashing channel just like the public will not let go this entertainment. Hence, we cannot live without television at least for a very long time from now
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