Disadvantages Of Television

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Discuss the role of television in child development

The aim of this essay is to discuss the role of television in child development. During the last 25 years, there has been an influx of children’s media readily available, appearing on our screens. There are vast amounts of television channels aimed only at children and every season witnesses a brand new DVD being released. (Palmer, 2006) Watching children’s programmes is not only limited to a television screen but can be watched on a multitude of gadgets including smartphones, computers and tablets with access 24 hours a day if desired. (AAP, 2010)
This essay will look at the advantages and disadvantages of children watching television. Is the child’s holistic development affected by television watching, is there an impact on childcare professionals and what are the implications in their settings? How important family influences are and also looking at the trend of television watching within families involved in the longitudinal study “Growing up in Ireland”.
Television viewing patterns of young children and familial influences
Studies have demonstrated that families play a crucial role in determining which type of television programmes children are exposed to and how long their children are exposed to on screen viewing. A longitudinal study from (St. Peters, et al. 1991), which identified that there were four groups of parents, all of which had the greatest influence on what and how much their
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