Disadvantages Of Texting

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Text messaging can be considered as one of the most popular ways of communication nowadays. It can be used for various purposes such as to talk to your boss about a future project, your children about their grades in school, or simply everyday talks to your friend with no special meaning. We do not really have a particular age for starting using mobile devices, and that is why children get used to the presence of telephones, computers, and laptops in their lives from very early age. It has been a big concern about text messaging and whether it helps us or not. Some researchers claim that text messaging affect our language in a bad way, others – in a good way. Even more people are worried about how it affects the children’s language, since they are small; their knowledges are very unstable and easily influenced. Many experiments have been conducted in order to find out the truth. Personally I spent several days asking my friends…show more content…
While writing a message, people started care less about grammar like when they speak. It might seem a serious issue if there were a clear proof that children care about grammar less than adults. Texting wasn 't the beginning of this shift, but as linguistics professor Naomi Baron writes in an article, "Computers and mobile-phone technologies add fuel to the linguistic fire." (qtd. in Parson). Also, according to Ayren Selzer, the word choice when writing became simpler and we are not going to have a big variety of synonyms (“Effects of Text Messaging on Language”). I would say that even if it is true, it does not have to bad. Everything is developing, improving and becoming easier. Our lives are becoming easier in a way and nobody complains. We do not have to do physical work as much as our parents and grandparents had to do. Nowadays our lives are almost fully electronical. Why cannot it happen to our language? We are not getting more stupid, we are
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