Disadvantages Of The Columbian Exchange

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The Columbian Exchange, led and started by Columbus, was the trading and arrival of new foods, plants, animals, diseases, and people. The exchange had many advantages and dis-advantages. The Columbian exchange caused advances in agriculture, expansion, and discovery. In my opinion mostly everything that happened in the Columbian exchange was a disadvantage due to the Columbian exchange we have disease, slavery was started which hasn't ended till this day, and spam was able to be processed which started Hormel, yikes.
Many new foods from the Columbian exchange included tomato's, pumpkins, corn, potato's, wheat, grapes and peppers. Many different animals were also discovered during the Columbian exchange such as horses, donkeys, cattle, pigs, goats, and chickens. Discovery of new plants and animals helped the global population explode. The Americans was
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During the Columbian exchange the first plow was invented along with multiple firearms for the Europeans and for Native Americas. Along with firearms several different knives where upgraded by using obsidian instead of steel and iron. The Columbian exchange started capitalism, new business methods such as the use of books to show profit and losses, interest, stocks started, and joint stock companies. Due to all the advantages in economics, technological power and agriculture prices began to rise and price inflation was fueled by the enormous amounts of gold and silver flowing into Europe from the Americas by the mid 1500's.
The Columbian exchange started multiple opportunities for America, Asia, Europe, and Africa to connect and start the trading and economics that we still use today. Many disadvantages occurred, but today would be very different if the Columbian exchange did not happen. Though I think the Columbian exchange ruined a lot more than building more it fueled the people with creative minds and innovative
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