Disadvantages Of The Nordic Model

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The Nordic Model, also known as the Sex Buyer Law is the most effective way to combat prostitution and help women exit this line of work. The Nordic Model protects prostituted women by criminalizing buying people for sex and decriminalizes those who are prostituted. Decriminalizing/legalizing prostitution as a whole causes sex trafficking to increase as it creates an environment where Pimps and Johns are able to purchase this service without fear of repercussions. Prostitution is inherently dangerous as there is no way to properly stop a swapping of bodily fluids (saliva, sweat, ejaculate, etc.) and in any other industry, proper precautions are always taken to ensure that this does not happen. You should petition to have the Nordic Model enacted by law within your state or local government so that women can be supported and be seen as equals, not as something to be bought and sold. The Nordic Model protects prostituted women by creating an environment where there are repercussions for buying a person for sex. By criminalizing the purchase of sex, you are creating a deterrent for this behavior. The Nordic Model also criminalizes those who traffic women to sell for sex, also known as Pimps. The most common argument against this is that the source of income is being taken away from prostituted women which will only serve to further impoverish them. However, what is often ignored is that the Nordic Model has an emphasis on creating funding for shelters and educational centers.
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