Disadvantages Of The Progressive Era

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Progressive Era Gilded Age was the golden period of industry and it also generated a lot of problems. For instance, industrialization had brought prosperity but at a cost to some members of society; the government expanded public services to care for the growing populations. However, political corruption always made that inadequate. Many people maintained that private charity could not do enough to improve the lives of the industrial poor. Then, a political debate produces many plans for bringing about progressive. Therefore, the period from about 1890 to 1920 is called Progressive Era. Progressivism is a doctrine that appeared in Progressive Era and their goals of Progressivism is basically about social, moral, economic and…show more content…
Women got all the same rights to vote after publishing the 19th amendment. In 1890, Some people conclude Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed the NAWSA(National American Woman Suffrage Association ). By that time, women had gained many rights. For example, married women could now buy, sell, and will property. As a result, the most vital contribution of NAWSA was helping women win the rights to vote. The new reforms in Progressive Era brought advantages to all the workers but also brought disadvantages to those greedy bosses and corrupt politicians. Along with the exposure of the bad conditions, business monopolies, and the low wages of workers, government took steps to prevent these phenomenons and to protect workers’ rights, and that also reduced the profits of the bosses. And lots of political reforms generated to cut off the corruption from the root, common citizens was given a greater voice, and the politician machine got hurt which means that they couldn’t get the assistances. Progressive Era is important in US history, it brought better lives to people and justice to the
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