Disadvantages Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was essentially a modern empire with a number of main characteristics that allowed it to continue to be succsseful over many centuries. Their emperor was regarded as a deity if he was good and Rome prospered during his rule. The Romans had a strong army that was led well. It had laws for all it 's citizens and was goverened by the Principate. The Roman Empire was highly literate and this allowed it to communicate with people and have a good economy. It also allowed them to build amazing feats of architecture, and within all this there was a strongly defined class system. The fact that the Roman Emperors were regarded as gods is fraught with complications. They had to be regarded as such as a way of legitemising their power. This Imperial cult was managed through a combination of time spent out in the public eye and through private time. Statues and monuments of the emperors would be place in the citys and provences so that he would always be in the framework of the locations.1 Convincing…show more content…
Yet with some intellegent laws theys managed to. The day to running of the empire was done by Senators who qualified for their position by birth and wealth.9 Before the empire, a set of very precise and professional set of rules were drawn up and they remained in effect well into the empire. These were The Twelve Tables and they were the jus scriptum for the public, private and political behaviour of every single Roman citizen. They gave every citizen a clear idea of what the fixed penalties for theft or murder were. They were the laws that stated that every citizen must upkeep a certain standard of hygiene and that they must be aware of the risk of fire in the city.10 They were also the laws for the local governments so they would keep the roads in good condition. They also governed the interest rates so that people would not be
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