Alienation Of English Language Essay

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To expertise the language, the students are advised to think in English. They don’t essentially need to move to an English-speaking country, but should plant the brain to think definitely in English only. This process can be a conscious activity in the launch. The students can tune their mind to English willingly for a few minutes in the beginning of this practice. They have to find a suitable place, time and a suitable concept for their contemplation. They have to deliberately think over any concept in English although they have a sense of alienation to the language. They should not allow the mother tongue to creep into their mind language because this is a kind of obstruction hinders improving their fluency in English. Even if they get words in their native tongue, they have to redo the sentence construction in English. Such activities will boost up the…show more content…
There are many ways to help the students achieve the ever-elusive state in using English. Our brains are pattern-matching machines that remember things put into context. So, while doing the practice of thinking in English, some situations can be imagined and described, a story or an anecdote can be narrated, the action which are being done can be explained, an imaginary conversation between individuals in a formal or an informal situation can be thought of. While learning English, students can describe to themselves whatever happened during the day. This offers them an additional practice before they begin explaining things to other people. Students have to think in phrases or sentences and not in words. They have to focus on apt words as well as grammatical accuracy. Students should be instructed never to stop thinking in English until their language is
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