Disadvantages Of Totalitarianism

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The word totalitarian has its origin in the Mussolini’s famous article on the fascistic doctrine. The expression “totalitarian” was taken from Hegel’s philosophy of law and was used to define the organic unity of the people.. The National socialist does not explain their regime as a totalitarian state, but as totalitarian movement, which commands and dominates the state. The term totalitarian describes a domination of the people from above, whereas the bureaucracy in the service of the people, the third Reich places and the machinery of the administration are represented by its leader, says the national socialists conception. (Gurian, 1978:514-516) 4 elements of totalitarian state There is a single ruling group, whereas the liberal democracies…show more content…
Actions of government are imposed by human rights and constitutions. Power of the government is distributed and separated, not centralized. 2.2) Advantages Liberal democracy provides peace into the government and also the country because it also includes citizens in their final decisions. Liberal democracy clearly avoids monopoly because government power is gained through elections. Because the government was chosen by the citizens, the government has a feeling of accountability towards the society. 2.3) Disadvantages Firstly, there are high chances of making wrong decisions in this system. Because of power gained through elections, government would focus more on winning elections than on the society. There are high chances of corruption in the government as there are lots of groups in power. (Slideshare, 2012: internet) Example of a totalitarian state North Korea is the best example of a totalitarian state. Kim-II Sung ruled NK from 1948 until his death in 1994.the government passed power to his male offspring, Kim Jong-iI, and then in 2011 to his grandson, Kim Jong-un, but Kim II Sung is still thought to be the NK’s big individual. External human rights social group repeatedly report systematized human rights abuses including torment, enslaved labour, liquidator and national executions. North Korean regimes do not work together with other countries or adhere to other countries treaties much as restrictions on the growing of the monocular
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