Disadvantages Of Tourism In Malaysia

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Malaysia is deal with in tropical climate, a country located in Southeast Asia. There are two distinct part of this country called Peninsular Malaysia to the west and East Malaysia to the east. Between Peninsula Malaysia and west Malaysia there is a largest body of water in between called South China Sea around Malaysia. In Peninsula Malaysia, east coast consists of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. The 400km-long stretch from the northeastern corner of the Peninsula to Kuantan, roughly halfway down the east coast, draws visitors for two major reasons there are the beaches and islands, and traditional Malay culture. The most popular Islands such as Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang and Pulau Kapas offer great opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

Unfortunately, litter is found everywhere in the marine and coastal environment. Litter includes garbage and waste that are not naturally found at there but “produce” by people. Environmental
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Tourism brings both advantages and disadvantages to our country. The advantage is to improve the economy of the country whereas the disadvantage is people leave the garbage more than their footprints behind when they have been on the beaches. They do not mind to carry the different kind of food plastic packaging, beverage cans and cigarettes to the beach, but seem to find it to dispose of the remains in the litter bin or back home. As we known that, plastic garbage which decomposes very slow and often mistaken as food by the marine animals. For instance, a dead whale found at the Batu Buruk beach in Terengganu on 20 January 2009, had starved to death because it swallowed plastics. High concentration of plastic especially plastic bags have been found blocking the breathing passages and stomach of many marine animals such as turtles, whales , and seals. This garbage can also come back to the shore and pollutes beaches and other coastal

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