Disadvantages Of Traditional Education

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Education has been an important part of human’s life for many centuries. People have always had the need to understand how things work. Education has evolved very much as life has changed. In the past people were learning from one another and knowledge has been transmitted mainly orally. As time passed the process of teaching and learning developed and education systems were distinguished. Nowadays people start their education from a very young age and have the chance to continue it as far as they want. Higher education has become more popular in today’s society and it is very crucial when applying for a job, so most people decide to attend a university to continue their education after graduating from high school. Two main types of education…show more content…
Being surrounded by motivated people and studying in groups increases students’ discipline and self-motivation throughout the whole learning process. Another advantage of traditional education is the personal communication with the professors and the discussions during the lectures. The discussions keep the students more involved in the learning process and provide a chance for them to express their opinion or point of view on a specific topic. Also, they can share their concerns with the professors and ask them for feedback or help. In addition, traditional education provides a hands-on approach which is very important for some degrees, such as medicine or chemistry, where specialized conditions and equipment are needed and can be provided only by the…show more content…
As the technologies are improving, so is online education. It provides great flexibility. The students have access to their online courses at any time and they are free to open them and study whenever it is convenient for them. But, online education is only great for degrees which are not specifically related to practice and hands-on experience in specialized conditions which cannot be provided at home. It is great for degrees such as computer science, information systems or economics for example. Online education is more convenient for people who have busy lives and want to fit both work and studying in their schedule because of the flexibility it

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