Disadvantages Of Transformational Leadership

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2.3.1 Advantages of Transformational Leadership
Given the rapid rate of change in organisations in today’s turbulent economic environment, it is crucial for leadership to be both flexible and adaptable. Given the uncertain environment within which organisations operate, the practice of transformational leadership style is vitally important as it will ensure the workforce is directed towards the future. It will also enable the workforce to think in new ways and become more creative and innovative which is imperative in todays ‘new world of work’ and digital economy within which organisations operate.
Given the positive effects which this type of leadership brings on followers’, it leads to increased motivation and exceptionally performance.
2.3.2 Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership
Although transformational leadership styles have consistently shown advantages not only in shaping followers and achieving the organisations end goals and/or outcomes, there are also certain limitations of transformational leadership. Firstly, transformational leadership is based on the ability of the leader to inspire a set of followers to achieve an end result, in this case, the organisations goals. Furthermore, the Store Manager position in the retail sector has traditionally been a performance driven role where outcomes are driven through reward based performance.
Transactional leadership is associated with an authoritative and bureaucratic leadership
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