Disadvantages Of Travel Agency

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A lot of people love travelling, however, due to the ceaseless increments of the prices of aircraft tickets, inns, and visits, not everybody can stand to do as such. With the assistance of this study, some individuals would have the capacity to understand the advantages of travel organizations, such as saving time and money, as well as solving travelers’ problems. According to Clark (2016), agents look into and encourage every part of the travelers’ trip, arranging for hotel or resort lodging, air and ground transportation, car rentals and tour packages. They can prompt them on travel and special health insurance, passport and visa applications, immunization strategies and other foreign travel necessities. They can utilize their inside associations to get the travelers extras and upgrades. At the point where a flight gets cancelled or delayed, their travel agent will re-book everything. Since these days, many individuals book aircraft tickets online which are exceptionally costly, yet these do not accompany inns, transportation, nor an itinerary. Through this study, people can see that with the help of a travel agent, travelers can get affordable travel packages that are valuable, hassle-free, and can maximize the traveller’s money.
Every travel agent faces different kinds of problems. According to Lenhart (2014), the biggest problem that an agent faces is fraud, as clients hold an agent responsible when a miscreant person commits fraud. Another problem is that online
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