Disadvantages Of Tuition

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It is known that the young children of Singapore are burdened with excessive private tuition, in addition to a large amount of school homework and CCAs which form an integral part of our highly competitive education system. Many also have tuition for both aesthetic and martial arts such as ballet and judo usually on weekends. One can well imagine how hectic their lives can be. For those who are enrol at prestigious schools, the pressure exerted by the school and the parents is even greater. It is also known that many teachers would encourage the academically weaker pupils to go for private tuition in order to catch up with the school subjects, especially in languages. It is estimated that about 50% of the Singapore school children, both the brighter and the more backward ones, are receiving private tuition in one or more of the subjects taught in school. The main task of a private tutor is to go through the subjects taught in school with the children under his charge and help them to improve their academic performances.
In the past decade, it has become more widespread for many parents to resort to private tuition as a way forward for their children. Increasingly, many anxious parents would even subject their three to five years old kids to private tuition so as to prepare them in advance to cope with their first year of primary schooling. In the more extreme cases, some kids
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