Disadvantages Of Urban Pollution

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URBAN AGGLOMERATION IMPACT ANALYSIS USING RS AND GIS TECHNIQUES IN MALEGAON CITY, INDIA Abstract: During the past three decades the study area which is Malegaon city, has observed hasty urban growth which resulted in major environmental ecological problems, in urban and peri-urban areas. The study focusing on the changes in population, urban agglomeration, land cover and land use and its relation with population, urbanization that lead the problem of environment and water. From the satellite images which are taken at different time and date, and digital image processing classified land use like urban, forest, agriculture and water. This study revealed 78% increase…show more content…
• Keeping track of water quality • Forecasting future behavior through different models. • Assessment Support Systems • Design the urban areas by keeping in mind that water is sensitive issues • Improve agricultural management measures. • Mapping of acid sulfate soils and solve this problem. Plastic waste management: The advantages of plastic are many but the disadvantages can be decreased by the following points: • Plastic that is waste can be recycled and it can be used for different purposes after recycling. • The plastic can be burn by the incinerator but it produces the air pollution which can be controlled by the technology. The policies should be made for the production and selling of environmental hazard plastic. • The eco-friendly bags can be made and used instead of plastic bags. Urban planning: The major contest for study district Malegaon is its land use patterns and unplanned urban growth. The urban environment according sustainable development can be design with the help of RS and GIS by considering the following points: • Efficient land use • using public transport • protect the areas with natural vegetation • Keep the environment
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