Disadvantages Of Urbanisation

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“Cities concentrate poverty, but they also represent the best hope of escaping it.” This paper will discuss, with reference to examples, whether I agree with the view that the potential benefits of urbanisation far outweigh the disadvantages. The challenge is how to exploit its possibilities. Before we continue discussing this view, we will define a few terms, in order to gain a better understanding. Urbanisation is simply defined as, “The process by which cities grow or by which societies become more urban (Dictionary.com, 2015).” Now that we have defined this term, we can continue the paper, with a better understanding. Historically, the drive towards urbanisation was largely economic, with people attracted by the prospect of higher wages. Individuals seek to improve their income levels and to get a wider range of jobs, occupations and investment opportunities, all of which can be found in cities. Growth of large cities…show more content…
Most of the growth in large cities in the world is projected to take place in developing countries. (Bhattacharya, 2002) states, “In 1800, there were relatively few cities in the world with a population of over 100,000 citizens. In 1800, 34 of Asia's 100 largest cities had populations of over 100,000 compared with 22 in Europe.” The author continues; “by the year 1850, the proportions were roughly equal (45 in Asia and 49 in Europe). However, by 1900, Europe had 57 cities of over 200,000 as against 40 cities in Asia (Bhattacharya, 2002).” This shows at how rapid a pace urbanisation is taking place in the world

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