Disadvantages Of Using Metaphors

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In this paper, we aim to discover the advantages and disadvantages of an interactive mobile business intelligence interface concept with self-organization and dynamic structuring abilities. It is developed using a newspaper metaphor particularly from the perspective of user acceptance. This research investigates the proposed concept from four main aspects: dynamic structuring, metaphoric design, mobility and narrative visualization. The newspaper metaphor is used to increase the initial familiarity of a user with the interface concept which, in turn, may lead to greater user acceptance. We also suggest that dynamic the structuring ability of the concept is an alternative and novel approach to enhance the potential user acceptance. To enable this particular functionality, a scientific and quantitative…show more content…
In this paper, our concept is closest to the magazine style narrative visualization.

The Power of Using Metaphors:
Literature findings reveal that the art of using metaphors in user interface design might be a useful approach to create powerful stories of information. However, it is not an easy task to achieve. Creating strong stories of data, which enables powerful communication of information, requires skills beyond technical expertise of engineering and science [10].

According to Dix et al. (1998), using metaphors creates a value by increasing the initial familiarity between a user and computer interface [11]. Apple Computer Inc. mentions the potential power of using metaphors in its Machintosh Human Interface Guidelines 1992. According to Apple Computer Inc., developers can take advantage of users’ existing knowledge of the world by using metaphors in order to convey concepts and features of an application. Users can form a set of expectations about an interface if metaphors, which may reflect concrete and familiar ideas of users about the real world, are used while designing it
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