Disadvantages Of Using Smartphone Essay

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Almost every person in this world owns a smartphone. It is very weird if someone does not own a smartphone among a group of people. In this 21st century, it can be said as the mobile generation. According to Techinfographics, people spend about 90 minutes on their mobile device, which is more than an hour. People don’t even want to spend half an hour exercising but they rather spend one hour thirty minutes from 24 hours a day everyone has on smartphones. To be honest, women uses smartphone more frequently compared to men. This is because most of them like taking selfies and 36% of those selfies are being retouched and adding effects on it to make photos prettier and more interesting. The age range of women spend time on selfie is between 18…show more content…
The most apparent disadvantage is that mobile phone will be a distraction of students. To illustrate, texting in class has become a serious concern for educators. Dr. Patricia Fioriello, moderator of the High School Mediator website, warns that students can 't focus on the lesson if they are busy sending messages on their phones. It will distract lecturers and students who are trying to concentrate on the lesson. If a student is focused on texting, he is unable to absorb the information being demonstrated. Whether they are taking selfies or texting in class, mobile phone can be very detrimental to a student’s ability to pay attention in the lecture class. It can be very tempting that students check their instagram or snapchat in class instead of listening a lecturer. Apart from that, usage of mobile phone in lecture class could additionally interrupt a meeting or class if proper rules are not followed. The phone ringing throughout a class or meeting could distract the attendees and waste the valuable time. We can’t count on every student to make sure the mobile phone is on silent all the times and there will definitely be interruptions throughout the day. Individuals are always on their phones obtaining telephone calls, checking out their friends on Facebook, chatting on WhatsApp, checking e-mails. It has actually ended up being practically difficult to stay clear of unwanted
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