Disadvantages Of Using Smartphone In The Classroom

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In this generation, every students have a smart phone and it become a fundamental part of students life. A student daily life basically spend their time on college or university. Frankly, they use their smartphone often even is in their classroom. Smartphone does help student learn in a more creative way and gain some extra experience such as access to internet for referencing and research. Student may use smartphone in various ways, majority of student will use it for the better ways not only for games. Smartphone can access to email and it become an easier way to connect with people. At the same time, the functions of smartphone can be used in classroom are snapping a picture of homework of the day or assignment scribbled on a whiteboard or taking a short film of the lecturer moment. At the same time, some applications which are downloaded in smartphone can answer most of the multiple-choice question. The most importantly, smart phone does help student keep track of schedules and dates. From my points of view, smartphone should be allowed in classroom.

The first advantage of using smartphone in classroom is student get more information when communicate to others. Student may use smartphone ask for question in social network during study time but of course not in exam period. In addition, lecturer should allow student to video or audio the assignment instruction or some note taking. At the same time, lecturer can use some material to let student more understand the
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