Wind Energy Advantages

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Advantages to using wind power.
Produces no pollution. This means there are no harmful by-products and our environment stays healthy.
Wind energy is a renewable source, so we will never run out of wind.
Wind turbines can be placed on farms in which livestock are raised.
Wind farms can also be built off-shore.

Inconsistency of power source due to wind power variables and not constant. Some days are windier than others. On some days, there is little to no wind.
Wind turbines are not organized and some people believe that the wind turbines are ugly and they do not want them around.

Solar energy is created by trapping the sun’s rays into solar cells where the sunlight is changed into electricity. Solar energy is most commonly used for producing electricity,
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There are some days when ample sunlight is present, offering a lot of solar energy; there are also days when the sun is not shining and little to no solar power energy will be collected.
Solar power stations are very expensive to build, which may make it somewhat impractical.

Geothermal energy is the natural energy formed by the earth. The hot rocks that are under the ground heat the water to produce steam. Then you can drill holes in this area, causing the steam to shoot up and drive turbines. The turbines then power electric generators.

Advantages : Does not pollute or cause harmful by-products.
Disadvantage : If the geothermal plant is not produced correctly, there can be pollutants. Also, if the drilling is not done correctly, there will be hazardous minerals and gases released into the air. Finally, geothermal sites can run out of steam at some point. You can see that it is vitally important that the geothermal plants are done correctly in order for them to be effective, and they will not last forever.


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