Vegetarian Diet Analysis

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Vegetarian diet The term vegetarian means not consuming animal products; this includes land and aquatic animals. Most vegetarians consume eggs and dairy products (milk products). (Nordqvist, 2014). Vegetarian diet is suitable for variety of people according to their personal taste and health condition, as it has four main types depending on the type of food in the diet. “Lacto-vegetarians consume dairy products, but no eggs. Most do consume honey. Ovo-vegetarians consume eggs, but no dairy. Most do consume honey. Lacto-ovovegetarians - they consume eggs and dairy. Most do consume honey. Vegans - only consume plant-based foods (no dairy, eggs or honey)”. (Nordqvist, 2014). Vegetarian diet is followed by people due to its ability to decrease…show more content…
“(Caba, 2014). Vegetarians have 65% lower production of nitrous oxides which is 300 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. (Caba, 2014). Reducing these gases reduces the tremendous increase in temperature that melts the glaciers and can cause drowning of land masses. Increasing the number of vegetarians decreases the clearance of land and forests for raising livestock; according to the vegetarian society, 70% of rainforests in Latin America have been cleared to raise livestock. (Caba, 2014). Cutting down trees and clearance of forests lead to soil erosion, desertification increasing the accumulation of carbon dioxide and reduction of oxygen, leading to global warming and temperature rises. Lands cleared for raising livestock can be used to feed many people, as to produce only 2 pounds of beef, cattle need more than 15 and a half pounds of grains. (Caba, 2014). The land used for raising livestock can feed more people with lower prices with variety of crops available during the year, due to the ease of using glass green houses, which is environmental…show more content…
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