Disadvantages Of Video Games On Children

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Nowadays, video games are popular allover the world. You can find children playing video games almost in every house in all places. A lot of people think that video games have negative effects on children and a lot of research has been done to prove the disadvantages of playing video games on children. But in fact they have some positive effects on children. This essay will talk about the benefits of using video games in education, child development, health and the work force and finally how to ignore the risks of video games by learning how to choose the right video games. Although playing video games has disadvantages, it can be useful if it is used as an educational tool which can be done in many ways “As mentioned in Dr Mark Griffith in his article”; video games consume the attention of children, had an impact on children education, it gives us the chance to measure performance, it also can assist children in sitting goals and by somehow it examines individual characteristics. But unfortunately, a few games on commercial market have educational value. Another advantage of playing video games is that it can increase children’s development and by playing video games children reinforce their skills of visualization ability so when children with poor skills play video games it is effective for them. Video games can equalize individual differences in spatial skills performance like language skills which facilitate discussing and sharing, giving directions and answering
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