Disadvantages Of Viral Marketing

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2.5 Viral Marketing
Viral marketing refers to the marketing strategy for spreading information and opinion about products and services from person to person through unconventional mode that is internet forms like social media, email etc. It reaches very quickly to a large number of people. The messages can be in the form of video, funny picture, news, song , poem or political news or anything which make the message so interesting and amazing that makes people to pass it on and spread throughout their contacts or known person. According to marketing professors Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein, there are three criteria which need to be met for working viral marketing and that are-
i. Messenger- Messenger is the person who viral the message
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Enhance the ranking on the search engine- Ranking on the search engine is partly determined by the amount of one-way link leading to advertiser homepage, such as embedding your video or posting your link.
2.5.3 Disadvantages of Viral Marketing
i. Nuisance Factor- People gets so many internet noises everyday; they have difficulty to determine which message they should pay attention to. The message, just like a spam mail, is likely to be deleted or ignored instead of being passed on to the other people. ii. Negative Buzz - People most likely to talk about the bad things rather than the good things, people will not take time to proof the negative news. As a result, the business will suffer. iii. Ethical Considerations - Although there are some privacy policies to limit the transaction of the mailing list of a company, there are some recipients who feel that viral marketing is a sleazy practice. They may even choose not to do business with those companies at the end. iv. Hard to measure -Viral marketing can be a hit and miss proposition, or unless the campaign is being handled by experience individuals; it can be very difficult to determine whether it is a worthwhile proposition.
2.5.4. Communication Process of Viral
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Quality Control- Content marketing is the way to control the quality by producing good quality content for the website. Many of them just produce what is already exist on internet then after sometime they are not able to use that content due to copyright issues. Therefore, every marketer who involves themselves in content marketing can control the quality by producing good quality content which is valuable to the customers. ii. Discrepancy- Sometime who produce good quality content that agencies may shut down for some reason? In that case, it becomes difficult for the companies to find out another agency who can provide them same level of quality content. And if they did not able to find out they may affect their image in the web market or ruin relationship with the customers. iii. Reputation¬- As content published by website in the name of certain writer which is not written by them but by someone else. If customer or readers find out this fact, the website may ruin image and run a risk of being accused of unethical behavior.

2.6.5Benefits of Content
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