Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality

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So you do know about virtual Reality? Virtual reality is a new type of technology that helps people so the following: VR allows people with disabilities, like a walking disorder, to experience the feeling of walking without going anywhere. It also helps with rehab. Also, it helps training for a new job (like being being a jet flyer) that can be very dangerous. Another advantage is that it can keep kids busy with games and activities so parents can cook or clean or do whatever they need to do. Also, if you want to sit back and relax, you can program a VR system to show something relaxing like a beach so you can relax. A VR system helps people do so many things easier. For instance, it helps people train for dangerous jobs. One example is like…show more content…
Well, it does, and it helps with rehab in so many different ways. One way is if someone that has had a stroke, they put them of a VR system that is life-sized, and they have them walk in a forest, or swim in the sea. They call the machine a “Stroke Rehabilitation” another way it helps is that it helps people with mental disorders get better. For instance, if someone is antisocial, a VR will help with that and try to get them social at home first, and then try to get this in front of people. Another way is if someone is really depressed, and they just can 't find happiness in anything, putting them on a VR system will maybe get them a feeling of happiness. Of course, they won 't go out right away, everyone has to start off slow and then go out. Also, they have a device called SaeboVR’s. Saebo VR is the only virtual system that focuses on real-life tasks. The Saebo VR also helps to practice repetitive movements with motivating movements. When people can’t move around, they can 't exercise. So they start to gain weight, and they start to get lazy. When a person gets hurt in an accident, it 's a possibility that they can get really hurt to where they cant move on their own. Although, it depends on how bad the accident is. Anyways, a VR system will help in a way to get them to exercise, well, at least sitting down first. You know, working as much as you can throughout the
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