Disadvantages Of Virtual Reality Technology

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Introduction “Virtual reality (VR) technology evolved through investments by the federal government, Air Force, NASA and more recently by the entertainment industry” (Wiederhold and Wiederhold, 2005). The first versions of simulations in the 1900’s were for groups of people to feel a sense of motion with stereo sound, vibrations, and smells. Some years later, the first head mounted virtual display was developed in 1968 that used two cathode ray tubes mounted to a headband. In the 1990’s virtual reality applications in psychotherapy was introduced and received positive results (Wiederhold and Wiederhold, 2005). This virtual reality technology has bloomed since then to provide assistance and training in many medical fields. Even though virtual reality technology has come a long way in the medical field, there are many negative side effects the technology companies have not found an answer. Problem Statement Virtual reality has been…show more content…
All normal senses and bodily movements are disconnected or not used in the virtual world (Wiederhold & Wiederhold, 2005). Virtual Reality – is an electronic system with computer generated a three-dimensional imaginary environment that allows the user to interact and immerse them in a virtual world (Wiederhold & Wiederhold, 2005). Limitations The limitations of this study are not many scientific studies have been conducted on the side effects of virtual reality on the human brain or bodily functions. Virtual reality in the medical field has expanded in the past decade and no real long term side effects data have been documented in any patients. The delimitations of this study are the number of areas virtual reality has been expanded to in the medical field. Since virtual reality is computer based, there is no limit to what can be created for the patients needs.
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