Disadvantages Of Waste Management

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The term Waste is used to describe any unwanted material or substance arising from Various Manufacturing Processes or from Community and Household Activities. The Waste material may be Accumulated, Stored or treated Prior to being discarded or recycled. In general, Waste arises because of inefficient or improper use of Resources. The accumulation of waste can not only have degrading effects on the Environment but also pose a serious health hazard to the community. Waste is also an indicator of the over consumption of the Resources at hand.

Waste is commonly generated from Municipal Sources, Medical Sources, Agricultural Sources, Industrial Sources and Electronic Sources. Waste Disposal has become a source of huge concern all over the World. Waste, if not handled properly and disposed in an efficient manner can cause damage to the environment and to the community as a whole. Some of the Effects that Waste accumulation can have on the environment include Surface water Contamination, Soil Contamination and pollution. Waste accumulation is also a cause of health concern in our Communities today, the release of toxic and hazardous waste has produced drastic effects on the human health. Most of the
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• Less expensive
• No open burning
• The waste on composting results in the emission of greenhouse gases like methane
• Very slow decomposition of waste

Recycling and Recovery
• The best method for waste management with minimum effect on the environment
• No wastage of Resources
• Not all wastes can be recycled
• Sometimes the separation of useful material from waste is quite
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