Disadvantages Of Waste

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Large amount of garbage resulting from consumption driven and densely populated society have led wasted manage to adopted and promote and approach to the waste problem summarized by the phase. “Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. This slogan reminds consumer of the action they can take to minimize the burden that their waste create.
Reuse- despite efforts to reduce the amount of waste generated, consumers and business still create substantial be waste. Much of this waste can immediately be reused to minimize the strain on the environment and municipal waste management. For example fabric are possible to reuse when one denim are waste instead to through we make a smart and stylish bag and we create a dress also we use to many way one wastage fabric.
Advantages of reuse
• Less waste
• If you hand cloth and toy s to other people it will save them money
• If we use green bags we don’t use plastic bags which can be bad for the environment.
• Not wasting so much material.

Disadvantages of reuse
• Some people don’t like hand me downs.
• It can spread germs if you’re not really clean.
• You can still reuse bad things.

Reduce the first and most effective component of the first of the waste is reducing the waste created. consumers are encouraged to reduce their waste by purchasing in bulk, buying items with less packing and switching reusable instead of single use of item. It can adopt manufacturing method that required fewer resource and generate less waste. In addition to benefiting
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