Disadvantages Of Watching Light

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If you want to use lighting to your advantage, a good way to go about it is by dimming down during the couple of hours that lead up to your bedtime. Switch off bright halogen or fluorescent bulbs and go for dim lamps for the bedroom and living areas instead. Installing a dimmer switch or utilizing lamps with smart light bulbs can be particularly beneficial. Use bulbs that elicicit some form of softness or warmth. Kelvins under 3000 work great. Lower Kelvin temperatures are rather yellower and thus dimmer, whereas higher Kelvin temperatures tend to be bluer and brighter making them less ideal for great sleep. Opt for lumens below 450. Lower lumens tend to be dimmer and as such better for evenings. Higher lumens, however, are better for workspaces and daytime.

3. Switch off the TV Earlier

While watching a couple of shows on TV is often relaxing and entertaining, it is not necessarily the wisest thing to do before you go to bed. Millions of people have taken this up as a common evening routine. What they fail to realize is that the cool glow from the TV screen gives off a melatonin-suppressing light that could keep you up much longer than you may have intended. Those shows that usually keep you glued on your seat’s edge may also prove difficult to put off when it’s time to sleep. The alternatives with frightening or emotional content could cause stress or anxiety, even for grown-ups, making it harder to feel peaceful and calm. Consider keeping shows more light hearted

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