Disadvantages Of Watching Movies In Classroom Research

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One of the advantages of watching movie in class as teaching method is the teachers can improve their students’ vocabulary. The teachers can have a movie in class with the English subtitles. So that, students can know the words or sentences they heard in that movie. According to Xhemaili, M. (2003) the students will hear some words that are repeated many times. As a result, the students will remember that words. According to Clayton.C (2014), watching movies are like reading a book but with moving image and sounds. In the movie there are the subtitles to make the students understand the plot of movie. The student also can improve their vocabulary when they do not understand what a word means in the movie by pausing the movie and look for the word in the dictionary. As a result, they can make their own note of the new words they did not understand before. On the other hand, the students are not recommended watching the movie that use many slang. For example, in the movie Ride Long (2014) the character in this movie use many slang and they talk very quickly which are not suitable for student to watch in class. As we know from the evidences, the teachers can make many activities from the class to improve the students’ vocabulary. Most of the students will learn new words as it was their first time hears that words from the movie. The students also can improve their vocabulary at home as they can watch movie at home. Therefore, the students’ can improve their vocabulary as the
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