1970: Winston Royce's Waterfall Model

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Waterfall Method: In 1970, Winston Royce proposed the famous "waterfall model," which was the only widely adopted software development model until the early 1980s. The core idea of the waterfall model is to simplify the problem according to the procedure and to separate the realization of the function to facilitate the division of labor and cooperation. The project life cycle is divided into six basic activities: planning, requirements analysis, software design, programming, software testing and implementation, and provides a top-down, as waterfall, step by step fixed order. Advantages: 1. The project provided a checkpoint by stages. 2. After the current stage is completed, you only need to focus on the following stages. 3. Stages are…show more content…
It’s hard to use agile method when deal with big project with larger teams. 2. Project using agile method is hard to estimate which bring risks to the company. 3. Agile method require high-quality talent and the vague division is also requiring participants are knowledgeable and professional Applications: 1. Project needs frequent modification and improvement. 2. Agile method is suitable for small project developed within department which require few people to participate and quick implementation. 3. Project needs a short life cycle and a bigger freedom. 4. Agile method is most useful while the project is user-focused and needs early customer participation. I think both methods are useful depends on the nature of the project and the developers involved. The waterfall method is clearly suitable for big project which require huge labor, cost and time. The agile method will be very helpful for departments which want to implement small…show more content…
For example, the marketing team is sometimes asked to deliver a quick summary or research of customers. It requires very few people to participate but needs a quick feedback. Agile method will be a good choice to guide a small project like this. Agile method can help team deliver quick and high-quality development, testing and cooperation. It requires frequent communication between developers and managers which help both sides to build up experiences and trust. A simple workflow for agile method is as following: First, define the team 's role. In agile development, there are three types of roles: stakeholder(who care about products and deliver usable products), product owner(who need to plan the product and collect feedback) and development team. Then identify a project backlog (a list of project requirements in order of priority) and pick out one as the goal of one iteration. Then product owner will divide it as smaller task to each member and hold daily meeting in which everyone report their status. After each iteration, the project team should do a presentation to customers and executives and a review meeting after that. Then repeat. Agile method is easy to understand but hard to implement. The most important thing of implementing a agile method is that every participants should believe in the method which may require self-learning and high-level leadership of the managers. Agile method can certainly bring

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