Disadvantages Of Women

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Mia Bungabong
May 13, 2015
Merry Chris Lugo
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Although there are advantages of employing women, there are still disadvantages if women enter the work force. First, employment of women would increase gender bias in the workplace. “In 1948, the labor force participation rate for women 20 years and older was 32%. By 1970, it had grown to 43%, and by 1997 it had reached to 605. This trend remarkable changes in our economy and society as women dramatically increased their presence in the workforce. But since 1997, the figure has remain virtually constant at 60%... men’s labor force participation rate of approximately
76%”(O’Sullivan, Sheffrin and Perez, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2006 and 2003,p.123). In addition, according to Ibarra, Ely and Kolb (2013), women worked hard to put a stop to gender-inequality in the workplace; to simply recognize their skills and talents but it suggests that women have no power to stop it. Women in the organization says, “It’s not overt. I just feel less of a connection, either positive or negative, with the guys I work with. So sometimes I seem to have a difficulty getting traction for my ideas.
Additionally, the International Labor Organization presents that women working in
European members of the OECD and the United States work I jobs that are narrower compare to men who work to broader range of jobs. Gender-bias arises especially on occupations that men choose. Countries like United States, Italy, Ireland, Greece and
United Kingdom are

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