Advantages And Disadvantages Of Women Essay

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In this research I am going to analyse the various ways in which women are disadvantaged around the globe when it comes to employment. I chose this topic because I believe that this issue carries great importance (since in today’s society women are the backbone/breadwinners of many families) and it being contemplated over is vital and that awareness is what I intend to achieve in the end.
Though many believe that men and women make equally good leaders, it is still widely considered that men have a better chance at the highest positions than women, regardless of their qualifications and achievements. This invisible barrier due to which women are not able to reach the very highest level is also referred to as the ‘glass ceiling’ . Apart from this women are also disadvantaged when it comes to wages for the same level of profession and seeking maternity leaves which will be focused particularly in this research.
Discrimination: “Unfavourable treatment based on prejudice, esp. regarding race, colour, age, or sex.”
Gender wage gap: “The difference between the amounts of money paid to women and men, often for doing the same work”

Global Perspective
United Kingdom
Despite important laws such as:
The Equal Pay Act 1970, The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and Maternity Leave & Pay Regulations, there are several studies that reveal
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According to the Time magazine women received an average 37.5% lower payment compared to men in South Korea (See appendix 2, image 1). This, though, is surprising as South Korea's president happens to be a woman. Anyhow, the gap does appear to decrease – though quite slowly, as “Korea showed the biggest gender wage gap among OECD nations in 2000 as well, with 40 per

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