Disagreement In Religion

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Due to the fact that religion can be archaic and a bit narrow in certain progressive/scientific ideals, this religious base disagreement can at most times, lead to a greater, far better outcome. Therefore, this makes the claim that consensus and disagreement in religion are both required for robust knowledge in innovations; a better outcome. In many circumstances, it can be seen that religion is related to utilitarianism and () judgments. Religion (overall) is the belief in a superpower; whatever that superpower may be is up to the type of religion. Religion has no concrete ideal; they are all abstract. These abstract ideals had been obscured many years ago, resulting in some tender views/ confrontational views being practiced today.…show more content…
What makes us human, what makes living on Earth so interesting, is meeting unique people and going through an original/personal life. Due to the definition of “normal” being incompatible with human emotion, some people may feel a sense of uneasiness. Applying this example to how religion affects robust knowledge is a bit complex. The ideologies of religion may agree with this normality project as it would bring conformity, but may disagree with it due to the manipulation of human nature. However, both the religious disagreement and consensus could probably lead to robust knowledge and here’s why. In terms of religion agreeing with this project, conformity would bring in standard rules and laws (beliefs) for all. This agreement between religion and scientific/technological advancement may show those who are in the process of creating this normality project that they may be going to the wrong path. Bringing all to conformity will induce narrow-minded behaviors as all have the same exact sets of beliefs; complete standardization, even through emotion. Sounds very similar to the societal structure in…show more content…
One part of this theory that was significantly disagreed was the Theory of Evolution. In a general summary, Darwin stated that all living things evolved from another, in a successive order, in which we evolved by inheriting various characteristics. One specific evolution that I always think about was the one about homo sapiens evolving from a primate such as monkeys( then gorillas, neanderthals, and so forth). This theory of humans evolving from monkeys (at the time) debunked almost all religious ideals.In Judaism, the Creation of the World ideology is practiced, which explains that the world was created in seven days. Each day, God added another element to create the world; the sixth day was when humans were created, “And towards the end of the sixth day, God put a divine soul into a body which He made of earth and clay(Chabad)”In Christianity, Genesis 1:27 stated, “ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them(Bible).” This creation of man occured on the sixth day of the Creation of the World. In Islam, there are multiple theories of how man came to be, where one actually says that humans derived from water. This indirectly relates to evolution, as it agrees with the theory of evolving due to inheritable characteristic ( aquatic life to land
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