Disappearance Of Bees Persuasive Essay

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Imagine ourselves walking to class, professors scurrying to their next class, people having conversations and laughing out loud, maintenance workers taking care of the problems around the campus, police officers watching vigilant, and then all of the sudden they all disappear. The only thing that can be heard is the whispering of the wind, there is no trace of where they went, they just simply –vanished. This terrifying idea is not a joke, it can be seen all across America and around the world, not with humans, but with bees. In last few years there have been significant decrease of bees across the nation and the world. It is a worldwide epidemic that needs our attention and care. If we do not make an effort to help our fellow bees, there will be greater effects on human resources and the environment. There are many factors that play into effect when it comes to the disappearance of bees but if we work together to eliminate every single one of them at a time, we can make a change that will one day bring back the bees.
For the past several years’ scientist and bee farmers have been noticing the disappearing of bees, but the most terrifying situation is not
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There are a few things that we can do individual that may seem insignificant but if we all make an effort to do so change will be seen. It is up to us to go beyond our homes, we must rally together and be the voice of the bees. Through awareness, individual efforts, and….
Conclusion Pesticides, viruses, and other contributors are the known contributors to this epidemic, but we still are not able to place a finger on the number one problem. Only through further research and studying can scientist become more knowledgeable about this situation; leading in the near future to discovering the solution to combat the main contributor to this crisis. Remember to speak up and take

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