Disappointment In Araby

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The Disappointment of Young Love First love can make one see themselves in a different light. Either they can see all things beautiful or they’re seeing things black and white. A boy from Ireland, whose coming of age is infatuated with a girl. To captivate her, he wants to bring her back a present from a bazaar she wanted to attend. In “Araby” by James Joyce the protagonist learns through the experience of true love about the disappointments in life. The narrator starts the story off by describing the main character’s neighborhood/living situation. James Joyce describes the setting on North Richmond Street, it's said to be “blind” with a two-story house, the other houses "gazed at one another with brown imperturbable faces"(88). The neighborhood also described as unexciting and quiet. The neighborhood contains "dark muddy lanes," "dark dripping gardens where odors arose from the ashpits" and "dark odorous stables." (88). This…show more content…
After realizing he couldn’t afford the “porcelain vases and flowered tea-sets” (89). The young boy’s disappointment that his plan to charm his crush, was unsuccessful. He got so hooked on the idea of winning his girl’s heart, after giving her a present...He forgot about the reality of his economic situation. As an adolescent, he wasn't aware that the bazaar would be profit-driven, ran by non-Irish/Catholic people but people who are from outside of his world.
In Conclusion, the young boy in “Araby” didn’t realize his economic situation until he got exposure, outside of his neighborhood. This lead to his epiphany. His epiphany was at the bazaar when he went to look for the gift for Mangan’s sister. “I turned away slowly and walked down the middle of the bazaar. I allowed the two pennies to fall against the sixpence in my pocket”(89). In the end, the young boy learns the experience of true love and consequently the disappointments in
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