Summary Of Paul's Case By Willa Cather

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The story of “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather, is about a teenager that is disappointed about his life and adores his job in a theater, he desperately wants to be part of it, by stealing money; when he acknowledges his wrongdoing are discover, he ended his life. The confrontation between his teachers and Paul brings the negative feelings against him. The relationship with his father was bad, at the point to avoid going home. Paul refused to accept his reality, and he tries to create a fake life that takes him to make many mistakes. Paul does not accept himself, he feels odd, out of place in school and at home; the place he feels good is theater and New York. Disappointment is what Paul feels through the story, he believes that he deserves a different life full of money and fame. The sub-theme is the isolation created around Paul’s life, he feels rejected by his peer, teachers, and his own father. The uncontrolled desire to have a glamorous lifestyle the easy and fast way. Paul is a rebellious young man that goes against the rules and society to accomplish his dreams.…show more content…
He enters the room “suave and smiling” Thinking that he is looking impeccable, but his outfit did not fit right. The narrator describes “Belladonna…Glassy glitter eyes” his teachers believe that he was under the influence of drugs. Private meeting at school with a students and teachers is about misconduct and is described as “baptism of fire” something can cause fear. He was born in Colorado a state that is cold and known by snow, which can be associated with the color white of innocence in him, as young person. Paul felt miserable at school and it was obvious by “force animation of his
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