Examples Of Denial In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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Disappointment In Cat on a Hot Tin Roof there is many scenarios of denial through the entire play. Big Daddy having cancer is an example, no one wants to believe that he is actually going to die. Big Daddy also denies that Brick is gay because that is his son. Another example is Maggie wants Brick to love her so bad, but he does not and she is in complete denial of the situation. Maggie understands that Brick will never love her because Brick is gay. Brick being gay is another denial that leads into Maggie 's denial of Brick never loving her because she does not want him to be gay. The denial Brick is in to himself for being gay is because in those days being gay was not easy. For the happiness of others and to save the hurt to himself Brick denies that he is gay for Maggie, Big Daddy, and himself. The power…show more content…
One of the main examples of denial is through Brick who denies his sexuality for Maggie, Big Daddy, and himself. He is trying to please everyone in the family through ignoring how he feels, which leads him to drinking his sorrows through liquor. It is not the fact that he does not love Maggie it is that he can not love Maggie due to loss of attraction. He is denying himself for Big Daddy only to not disappoint him because he is the son. He loves Big Daddy and to tell him the news while he is on his death time would leave Brick to the thought of Big Daddy dying in disappointment through his son. Denial through himself is the hardest fight to win, and Brick is losing. He denies himself for the sake of others trying to please everyone around him instead of taking it and making himself happy. He does not want to feel the disappointment through his family, and he does not want to break Maggie 's heart. All the denial makes life harder than what it should be, and makes one and more people unhappy. Denial will get one nowhere in life, but only further behind in the race one calls
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