Disaster Essay: What Is A Natural Disaster?

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A natural disaster is any catastrophic event that is caused by nature or the natural processes of the earth and can leave thousands or even millions of people go into poverty or even worse, death. These kinds of disasters happen all around the world every year so I believe, nobody benefits from natural disaster. The harshness of a disaster is measured in lives lost, economic loss, and the ability of the population to rebuild. So if a natural disaster occurred in an inhabited area it is not considered as a natural disaster on the other hand, if it occurs in a populated area it is considered as a natural disaster. Also, it is certain that sometimes natural disaster can benefit people in various ways and reasons although, in my perspective, nobody…show more content…
If a large number of animals are killed by natural disasters, there is a risk of endangerment or extinction, making permanent changes in the ecosystem. A natural disaster can also create an imbalance between predators, prey animals, and plants, or other food sources that many species eat. The decreased number of prey animals, animals, and plants affects the food chain because if there are drastic reductions in the amounts a kind of plant important to the survival of an animal, the animal that relies on those plants could starve. Furthermore, when the animal population decreases then if a predator seeking for their prey or plant eaters and it’s impossible to find their prey and plant eaters so it will suffer from food shortage and might starve to death. If this food shortage keeps happening then animals will starve to death and it will affect the cycle of the food chain. Without a doubt, natural disaster does a huge negative impact on the world. People and animals go vulnerable and hopeless, a shelter will be destroyed, supplies will be scarce. Imagine, you are in your class studying, you are sleeping in your comfortable bed or you are hanging out with your friends… then just one blink of an eye, a tsunami, earthquake or hurricane could happen and you might even lose your friends, family, home or your

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