Disaster In Vietnam Case Study

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I. Introduction Viet Nam is one of many countries suffered the most disasters in the world. More than 70% population will face to the rick because of typhoon, heavy rain and flood. Because of the long coastline, mountainous terrain, many rivers and tropical depression , Viet Nam will suffer severe weather and disaster with the increasing frequency. The result is human lost houses, farm, sustenance and take them to poverty , seriously, disaster cause the damage for human. In addition, natural disaster also affect the economic, social and even maritime security of Viet Nam. In recent years, Viet Nam’s government efforts to cope with natural disasters through decrease risk, promte the preparation and create a lots of different plan related to impact of climate change. However, the result does not make…show more content…
The situation of disaster in Viet Nam Vietnam is one of four countries which has a big impact of harsh weather phenonmena in recent two decade . In each year of Vietnam, there are 466 people died and lost over 1.5 million USD equal to 1.5% of GDP. In addition, nowadays, the development of disaster become more complex without any stability. The appearance of disaster is increasing with the strong intensity especially Vietnam is the country suffer the impact of climate change. In 2012, East Sea occured 10 typhoons and 2 tropical depression in which have 4 flood impact directly in Viet Nam. After that, the concequences of floods and landslides cause the serious damage for human and assest. Storms have the complex direction, cause the difficult for prediction. In particuarly, from the time that stoms happened, typhoon No 1 appeared in North of Viet Nam. This is an unnormal phenomenon, not follow the natural rule ( never happend during 40 recent years). It is unexpected for fishermans. In the sea, the situation is more compex as the appearance of tornados and monsoons is the reason impact on the unsafety of fishermans when they have exploitation activities in the

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