Disaster Management In Nepal

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Normally disaster management job can be done in four phases' i.e, Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Recently Ministry of Home Affairs has determined a national disaster response framework for Nepal to guide all governmental and nongovernmental organization for effective disaster management.

4.1 Existing Disaster Management Structure

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) is the focal ministry responsible for Disaster Management (DM) in the country. In the centre, there is Central Natural Disaster Relief Committee (CNDRC) headed by the Home Minister. Under CNDRC there are Regional and District Natural Disaster Relief Committees (R/DNDRC) chaired by the Regional Administrator and the
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Government of Nepal prioritizes NA to handle the major responsibilities of search and rescue. Well discipline force with own air aviation service, advanced communication, accessible transportation and medical facilities have made NA to complete the every responsibility successively.
To uplift disaster management capabilities NA has currently established a Disaster Management Directorate, but it is impossible for this organization only to reach the demands of every corners of our country, although it is truly dedicated in disaster management tasks. In the cases of urgent search and rescue tasks it is much more necessary to upgrade the capacities of other organization as well. Basically NA has limited amount of resources and equipments for proceeding search and rescue tasks. On the other hand for CSSR(Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue) and MFD (Medical First Responder) NA has only limited numbers of well trained and skilled manpower. Still NA has not been able to meet the international standard in forming CSSR team. To proceeds the task of search and rescue in effective way, it is more than important for NA to focus on forming medium leveled search and rescue
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NA has been playing major role to provide emergency assistance for rescue operation. Its Primary role is Coordination of Multinational / Bilateral Military Humanitarian Assistance and construction of bridge and roads and secondary roles include search and rescue, medical assistance evacuation and air rescue etc. During pre disaster, NA sets up institutions governance and functioning mechanisms. At the after math of disaster, it works on rescue operation through land and air, logistic support for carrying out humanitarian relief items, supporting reconstruction of physical infrastructures like bridges, roads, hospital, etc. NDRF outlined the preparation of the response preparedness plan of action. According to the provision NA has to do the following

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